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Art of events - is the largest agency in Phuket and in Bangkok for organizing private and corporate events, conferences, beauty contests and superstar concerts.

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FEDUK очень разносторонний артист. От трэпа до рэпа, от хауса до поп-музыки, кажется, нет жанра, в котором он не преуспел.

Успех сингла «Розовое вино» не просто изменил навсегда его собственную жизнь, он изменил историю российской хип-хоп сцены 2010-х.

В настоящем FEDUK нашел идеальный баланс между производством народных хитов и постоянными экспериментами со своим звуком. В 2020 году выпустил пластинку «YAY» (продюсер Cream Soda), которая признана авторитетным изданием The Flow лучшим российским релизом года.

В музыке FEDUK есть все: остроумие и очарование рэп-андеграунда, загадочная клубная атмосфера и поэзия, от которой хочется влюбиться или задуматься о самом важном в жизни.


 Afterparty at Shelter club

Afterparty at Shelter club


We'll manage to get you something that can't be!

More and more often nowadays the event agency is becoming that most important component of the holiday, which is difficult to do without. The solemn event becomes not just a meeting of loved ones, but a bright memorable event, the main goal of which is to surprise everyone present, to leave an indelible pleasant experience. That is why a good event agency is the best assistant in organizing a festive event. After all, organizing such a holiday on your own is an extremely difficult task, requiring many different skills and connections.

Competent specialists representing our event agency organize the event from start to finish. We will help you decide on the venue, organize the transfer and accommodation of guests, offer a unique program that fully meets the individual wishes of each client. Experienced decorators will transform any venue into a stunningly beautiful venue, be it a restaurant hall or a deserted beach. Professional hosts and animators will hold an unforgettable and interesting holiday that will compare favorably with monotonous feasts.

Thanks to the contacts gained over many years and a lot of experience, our event agency can offer a high-quality organization of "turnkey" events. All that remains for customers is to entrust our specialists to do their job and relax in anticipation of the upcoming celebration.

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We stand for new, limitless opportunities and freedom of choice, innovation and development. In everything - not only in the event industry. The world is changing: each of us sees and undergoes global transformations - different, including positive ones. We accept cryptocurrencies to pay for any services: bitcoin, ether, litecoins.

Fortunately, many of the transformers of our world are creating these new, limitless possibilities, open up freedom of choice for us - overcoming obstacles, breaking the limitations in striving for progress. We support them.

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